Reasons Why Live Streaming is So Important For Education

The rise of online education and distance learning programmes is a huge benefit to all students overseas. Not every student is financially capable of going abroad for their studies, but in today’s world, which has the elements of live streaming, it is an added advantage. The live streaming platform is highly in demand due to the interest and usability of making the offline class live. 

Live streaming is not only the solution but also educational webinars are a huge advantage, as in real-time they give a virtual classroom-like feel. The event tech industry and distance learning programmes’ demands are both simultaneously increasing and to cater to all the demands of education centres, new features are being invented and R&D is in progress to improve the user experience. We are concluding the most powerful reasons, which will indicate the importance of live streaming for education. 


The best part about the virtual webinar platforms for educators is that they come up with analytics records in the backend as a content management system. 

The educator can assess student engagement, attendance, and many other factors using this system. The teacher can watch the recording to determine how they can improve if it appears that many students leave the live stream at a specific point in time. The metrics will help teachers improve the content and teaching methods, which leads to personal growth too. 

Encourages innovative learning and teaching

By using a live streaming service that offers a lot of customization options just like Dreamcast, then it is a great tool for educators. In a live stream or webinar, lots of interactive activities can be added to increase the engagement of students by developing unique teaching methods such as polling features. Lots of quizzes can be added in real-time (during the running of class) to know whether the students are understanding the lesson or not. It may sound a bit complicated, but nowadays there are many live-streaming service providers who offer fully customised options which do not require any coding. For both teachers and students, webinar platforms are easier to use. 

Additionally, educators can invite professionals from all over the world to participate in the live stream. This enhances the lessons even more and maximises the collaborative setting of online learning.


One of the best parts is that it comes with easy accessibility. One just needs a mobile device and an internet connection to join such online live-streaming classes from anywhere one wants. This helps in increasing attendance as well as you can publish the recorded version on any platform like Youtube or on your own website to increase viewership. 

Mobile live streaming for online education has advantages for both students and teachers. It opens up exciting possibilities to stream content from anywhere. The teacher can make the content live from a museum to showcase the real-time examples of history class or from a botanical park. The live chat features come to cater to a lot of issues, as anyone can ask questions so that questions can be answered easily. 

Massive Reach

There is no need to prove this point as we see lots of online educators reach millions of students by uploading quality content across a different range of subjects over social sites like Youtube.  Many educators have started to teach online, and this literally has a lot of benefits for both students and teachers. Nowadays, nobody needs to enrol themselves on big universities or colleges to learn any skill or gather information as they simply can’t join such online classes from their comfort. 

Live streaming can cross borders and connect students anywhere in the world. Since you are no longer confined to a classroom’s four walls, you can reach a larger audience than in a large lecture hall at any given moment.

Costs are reduced over time

You may start with free platforms like Facebook and YouTube to start generating interest and views. However, afterwards, you should consider launching your own virtual live class platform. This is because free platforms would leave you restricted to only a few features.

Online education is quite cheaper as it doesn’t need a large infrastructure like classrooms and universities. The lower the cost, the greater the benefit to students of all sections in achieving their career goals. Any educator can start teaching online over free platforms like Facebook and Youtube and increase their followers and, with time, also generate revenue. It is also an option to launch your own customised virtual educational webinar platform for your live classes. Additionally, you can customise various features to make them look more engaging, like quiz sessions or polls. 

It will be cost-effective to have your own platform since you can implement monetization models. It is possible to implement subscription models, pay-per-view, in-stream payments, and many other features with a virtual class. These features are definitely not available on free platforms.


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