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Creative Idea of Packaging a Product and How to do it!

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Small businesses must auction their business with style. Also, they should be on point and hit the right trends. They should get into every nook and cranny, from their overall outlook to their inner quality. It is because they must stand apart from their competitors, and whatever gives them an edge, they should take it!Whatever your Packaging a Product , present it creatively.

Whether you sell customized wholesale hoodies in Houston or anywhere in the US, you must focus on packaging. Depending on the size and durability of your product, the packaging differs.

1: Imprint your Logo

Of course, you have to let everyone know about your business. One way of doing that is by creating a trendy business logo that reflects your product line. For example, if you sell handmade bath bombs, it would be best to package them with a wavy pattern or seaside design elements. 

Plus, positioning that logo is also essential. Don’t place it in an obscure place where a customer cannot find your business name! It is ideal for easy marketing to put your logos at the front of your package. 

2: Minimalist Design

Go with a minimalist design. It means going with an undertone color scheme with a simple statement. Also, it entails not overcrowding a design with excessive design elements. Therefore, making one-liner creative statements or a simple logo can also do the job! 

It helps in sending out a message that you are a sophisticated brand. With the correct modern design elements, you can attract your buyers in no time!

3: Vinyl Stickers

Additionally, businesses also go with customized vinyl stickers. These stickers then later get placed on the front face of the package. You can check out a local printer that can print out your artwork on a sticker sheet. These stickers look great with any of the packaging types. Again, placing them correctly is what matters!

4: Color Gradients and Patterns

Go with color gradients! They look exceptionally great with plastic mailers. Also, color gradients can inform your audience about your brand, as color is your distinct identity. Further, you can go with patterns too. If you choose a solid and primary color, go with a geometric pattern that enhances the packaging style.

5: Thank you notes

Additionally, you can stick out thank you notes or include a business card in a customer’s order. And you can also go with a handwritten note as the customer will perceive you in a good light. Also, it gives your brand the ‘human element’ that many brands these days lack!

Make sure you mention your contact number, mailing address, and location on these cards. In addition, you can give out a referral coupon or discount voucher to build credibility.

6: Ribbon and Bows

You can go with ribbons or bows on your outer package. If you are a home-based entrepreneur, you can personalize your orders via ribbons or bows. In addition, you can customize the ribbon by placing your brand name on it!

A great idea to incorporate ribbon bows is rigid boxes or plastic mailers. You can also place a bow on a corrugated or paperboard box.

7: Inner Packaging

Don’t forget to include inner packaging, especially if your product is fragile. It means bubble wrapping your product so that it stays secure. Also, you can do padding in your package with tissues or paper ribbons to shield the item from harsh shipment handling. It also increases the order volume and makes your product look elegant and sophisticated.

How to Get Customized Packaging for your Business:

Now that you have the custom packaging ideas, it is time to implement them. It is easy to get a customized package. 

1: Select Packaging Type

Here is the list of packaging styles you can choose:

  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Plastic Mailers
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Paperboard Boxes
  • Poly bags
  • Foil sealed bags
  • Jute packages

Depending on your product, your packaging style will vary. For example, selling wholesale hoodies in Houston requires either a corrugated box or plastic mailers.

Next, choose the dimensions of your package. Choose one that accommodates your product based on the length x width x height of the box.

2: Your Artwork

Once you have chosen the package type and dimensions, it is time to customize it! Get your packages printed via local printing services providers. Additionally, your design must have excellent color quality. Convert your artwork to CMYK instead of plain RGB to retain the original colors of your artwork.

3: Determine Quantity

If you have placed the order for a customized package, then always do it in bulk. It will save you from the hassle of individual buying as it becomes expensive due to frequent shipping. Therefore, draw an estimate of how many packages you will need. Also, determine the need by the number of orders you receive in a month.


Promote your business with style! Now is the time to approach your audience differently. Customize your Packaging a Product now and get a positive response from customers. Not only will it make your business look trendy, but it will also create a positive brand image.


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